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A Comprehensive Education

We foster our students’ lifelong love of learning. We encourage the growth of the whole person and we work with our students to help them grow into ethical, compassionate, and responsible members of the local and global community. We teach them respect for the view of others’ beliefs and cultures, and the value of community involvement.


我們的使命是培育學生有一份上進的學習心, 鼓勵他們有正常的發展, 並與他們分享成長的旅程, 讓他們擁有正確的道德觀, 同情心和社會責任感, 讓社區與主流社會團體能交流構通。我們教育孩子預備一個尊重他人意見、信仰、和建造人與人之間互相關懷,可寬大他們未來的世界觀。

The Chinese School of San Diego (CSSD) has a history dating back to over 100 years. It is the oldest Chinese school in San Diego and it offers classes in two Chinese dialects, Cantonese and Mandarin courses for students to enroll in. Enrollment grade levels are the same for both dialects, starting from 5 years old to adult.

The CSSD aims to provide a well-rounded program of studies of the Chinese language and its cultures. Throughout the program, the emphasis is placed upon the development of fluency in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. These are developed with a broad, activity based approach. Students at CSSD develop a keen understanding of and appreciation for China, its language, history, culture, festivals, and traditions.

Students in CSSD are predominantly native English speakers – 90% speak English only. Most students are born in the US without any Chinese cultural background. The Chinese School of San Diego is unique from other San Diego Chinese Schools in that we also teach about Chinese culture.

聖地牙哥中文學校成立至今已有一百年。聖地牙哥中文學校提供國語班和廣東班的課程。學校接受5歲以上的學生。我們的班級分為幼兒,青少年,青年,和成人。而每個班級也分成不同等級:初級,中級,高級。除了學中文, 每週早會我們都安排一個特定的主題介紹中西文化, 以中英文詮釋, 讓學生與家長一同分享時新的話題和學術交流的機會。為了使學習充滿樂趣和創造性, 學校為學生提供了烹飪課程, 電腦課程和歌唱課程 。