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Advanced Chinese

Students are promoted to Advanced A/B after earning satisfactorily passing grades and satisfactorily passing the competency exam in Intermediate A/B.

Course Description
Expands and builds upon what the student learned in Beginning A/B & Intermediate A/B.
Students in Advanced A/B learn the following subjects:

Body Parts
Feelings/Emotions and Diseases
Hobbies and Sports
Chinese History
Trips and Vacations
Lend & Borrow and Lost & Found
Stories of Chinese Idioms and Proverbs
In addition to the above topics, students can also learn the differences in writing and pronunciation of some words and terms between Taiwan and China. Students continue to learn grammars in making sentences, essay writing, comparison of things, and translations from English to Chinese or vice versa.
Students also practice to write new Chinese characters and know their radicals and measure words that pair with them. Frequently practice using a combination of Pinyin and characters.

Class instruction, quizzes, and exams are based upon practicing students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating skills. Students’ workbooks explain and present exercises on Chinese grammar.
Students also repeat writing Chinese characters to promote memorization.

Class textbooks are made to build upon previous lessons.